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SR Construction Services is a fully licensed fuel storage tank contractor, providing the highest quality turn-key generator fuel storage tanks available and your go-to for petroleum services.
We have pre-engineered solutions for fuel storage and supply instruments for emergency generator applications. Our emergency generator packages are built with best-in-class components to assure proper operations when they are called upon. Fuel levels are constantly monitored and we offer optional fuel-polishing capabilities for keeping the supply fuel clean and filtered for optimal performance in that critical time. All of our above ground storage tanks are double walled, constructed of high grade steel, and are impact, ballistic, and fire rated.

Storage tanks for standby power generators

  • Pre-engineered turn key systems
  • Fuel storage of 500 gallons or more
  • Environmentally safe double walled steel construction with built-in secondary containment
  • Impact, ballistic, and fire rated for safety
  • Complete with pumps, meters, gauges, vents, decals, hoses, nozzles, valves, and piping
  • Portable – Lifting lugs set up for future relocation
  • Spill Containment – Built in spill containment for fill and dispenser
  • Systems set up for gas, diesel, E-85, Jet-A, avgas, oil, lube & chemical

SR Construction Services’ scope of work expands to encompass all aspects of custom generator enclosures, fuel tanks and fueling systems for standby power, including concrete work, electrical, environmental cleanup and disposing of old storage tanks.