General Contractor

License: CGC1513679

Petroleum Contractor

License: PCC1256850

Mold Assessor

License: MRSA27

Mold Remediator

License: MRSR57

Why is it important for your general contractor to have the required licenses?

Most contractors are genuinely interested in helping those in need, but there will always be the few that are looking for the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, there are those who prey on the misfortune of others in unscrupulous and often illegal ways and who do not have the required licenses.

Our goal is to help you protect yourself with enough information and advice to avoid the scams. Because many situations require emergency service to restore your electricity, plumbing, gas lines or structural integrity, you may feel rushed into making agreements with contractors. Don’t do this.

It is in the best interest of both homeowners and legitimate, licensed contractors to protect homeowners from scams by unlicensed contractors.

The best way to confirm that a contractor is who he says he is, is to follow the procedure of verification. Go directly to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and verify first that they are a licensed contractor, either by the contractor’s license number or the name of the company.